About Us

Commitment and Dedication from the Team at Brantec

At Brantec we try to keep things straightforward by applying a few simple philosophies: understanding our customer’s real needs; investing to maintain a competitive edge; and asking customers to pay a fair price for unparalleled value.

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Here are a few basic rules that we live by:

Our Mission

Our mission is a simple one - we help people lead more productive and happy lives!

Our Core Objective

We provide the right solution, quickly, the first time.

Our Company Core Values

  • Deliver Extraordinary Service
  • Build a Strong Team
  • Foster a Work-Life Balance
  • Create Fun and Good Humour
  • Be Thrifty
  • Learn, Grow and Change
  • Start with Being Great
  • Remember Where We Started
  • Communicate

Our People

Brian Smith

Director: Brian J Smith

My Job: It's my job to keep our customers, employees and investors happy!

In a Previous Life: I was born and grew up in Scotland but I’m told my accent isn’t so bad that I need an interpreter. I studied electrical and electronic engineering at Dundee University before coming to Australia when I was 24. I climbed the corporate ladder in a couple of multinationals in the electronics industry, had a couple of businesses and then worked as the Managing Director of Tranter for five years leading the team in Australia and New Zealand. Now 20 years after I came to Australia I can't wait to go to work at Brantec every day.

Things I’m in to: I’m a bit of a geek so I love gadgets and technical stuff. I also really enjoy being in business and trying to do better in at least one area each month. I have a small boat and think there’s nothing quite like getting out in Sydney harbour with a fishing rod in my hands. I’m a bit of a Formula1 fan and I’m a mad snow skier – I really need to get out and play golf more often too. I also took up salsa (the dance not the dip) a few years ago and you’ll often find me out and about in Sydney with a girl in my arms and a smile on my face.

Tamsyn Landale

Finance & Admin Manager: Tamsyn Landale

My Job: I talk to our customers and suppliers, keep tabs on all of the jobs in our system and make sure everything is on track. I also count the numbers!

In a Previous Life: I was born & raised in bonnie Scotland and so long as I don’t talk too fast, most people understand me. After attaining an honours science degree from Edinburgh University, I found myself qualified as an accountant & working in an engineering firm – you know, the logical career progression! Then, after 5 years in the finance industry in London, I took off travelling round the world, ultimately relocating to Australia in 2005 and I’ve got to say – I love having 2 passports!

Things I’m in to: Well the list is long but up at the top would be my salsa dancing which became an addiction in 1998. After competing, performing & teaching in London, I’m now all about the social dancing & still passionate about the teaching – there’s little more satisfying than inspiring and equipping people to achieve their goals and yes, Brian is one of my students (a very good one)!! I’m also an active property investor – a ‘hobby’ that started in my teens and keeps me on my toes. I’ve always had a keen interest in people & health and the balance between mind and body and have qualified myself in various health modalities including NLP, coaching & kinesiology – yeah, go look it up!

Chris Tamsett

Business Development Manager: Chris Tamsett

My Job: I visit new and existing clients to build the sales of the company and I also design and price new heat exchangers. Nothing makes me happier at work than a client who is pleasantly surprised just what their new heat exchanger can do for their plant’s productivity!

In a Previous Life: I was born and raised in Sydney and have worked here for the majority of my life. I enjoyed maths and chemistry most at school and so studying Chemical Engineering was the obvious choice for me. I have worked in manufacturing, recruiting, design and sales as well as run a couple of my own small businesses. In 2011 I joined the team at Tranter and have now moved across to work with Andrew and Brian at Brantec commencing 2013.

Things I’m in to: Most weekends I’m off doing a bushwalk somewhere in the lovely surrounds of Sydney, sometimes turning it into an overnight camping trip. My favourite places are the Blue Mountains and Kanangra Boyd National Parks west of Sydney. I’m a passionate investor in real estate and the financial markets where I have had both successes and some wonderful learning experiences. I love understanding what motivates people in life and are an avid student of what creates success in business, personally and investing, based on intrinsic talents and archetypes.