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Ensure your operational uptime is maximised by using first-rate service from Brantec. Extend the operational life of your heat exchanger, increase your uptimes and lower the over cost of ownership.

Heat Exchanger Service and Maintenance

Your facility can gain distinct advantages and benefits when it chooses to install and deploy heat exchangers from Brantec. We want to ensure that you will continue to enjoy those same benefits. That’s why we offer genuine OEM replacement parts and service to every customer. In addition, we can also provide and retro-fit alternative high quality HEX plates and gaskets which many of our existing customers have successfully used.

Each member of our Service Centre staff is backed by factory resources in diverse engineering disciplines, including design, applications and materials. Our Brantec Service Centre cleans and regaskets heat exchanger plates, restoring them to peak efficiency. We guarantee our work with written warranties covering materials and workmanship.

At the Brantec Service Centre, you get more than genuine OEM parts and our renowned customer service. With our extensive experience, we are well equipped to advise you when your loads or applications change. We use your heat exchanger data to verify its original configuration and design. This alerts us to any change that might affect reliability and maintainability.

Ensure your operational uptime is maximised by using first-rate service from Brantec. Extend the operational life of your heat exchanger, increase your uptimes and lower the over cost of ownership. Ask us how.


Most people couldn’t imagine buying a new car and not scheduling regular service and maintenance checks. Similarly, service and maintenance work on any piece of industrial equipment becomes even more critical as the equipment is quite often subject to various changes in operational conditions.

In order to ensure your heat exchanger performs to its optimal design parameters and in line with the original design specifications, the Brantec Parts and Service Centre can provide options from preventative to remedial maintenance programs.

Our maintenance programs extend from on-site inspections to full back-to-base heat exchanger refurbishments.


Whether it’s part of an annual service program or just a regular routine inspection, Brantec technicians can visit your site to perform preventative maintenance work. This may include general condition inspection, leak detection, dimensional checks in line with the original specifications, tightening bolt inspection and adjustment where necessary, corrosion and physical damage inspection and provision of a comprehensive service report including any relevant recommendations.


Back-to-base refurbishment is often the best method to ensure your Heat Exchanger or plate pack is brought back to its original condition. Brantec has the capability to receive, disassemble, acid wash, high pressure clean, crack test, re-gasket, re-build, test and package your fully refurbished unit in readiness for delivery back to site. In many cases, we’ll even give the covers a fresh coat of paint to restore them to their former glory. All our Service work is accompanied of course with a comprehensive Service Report outlining the work done, the condition of the components and recommendations for the Heat Exchanger once it is recommissioned.


Many of our customers don’t have the luxury of being able to isolate, decommission and remove their Heat Exchangers from their currently installed location. This is where the Brantec Clean In Place on-site system is the perfect solution for on-site cleaning without disassembly of the unit. Specifically developed to effectively remove fouling, our CIP system can either be purchased as a stand-alone unit, hired on a daily basis, or utilised as part of a Brantec service visit.

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